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Before downloading Remote Play PC please make note that it is currently in Alpha, this means there will likely be bugs and crashes. If you find this to be an issue please wait until a more stable release is available.

Road map of features yet to be implemented

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Remote Play PC

Remote Play PC is a Windows application currently in Alpha stage that allows you to stream and control PS4 games on your PC. It's features include:

  • Stream at full 720P 60FPS scaled to your native desktop resolution
  • Dynamic controls - bind any controller or keyboard/mouse to Dualshock 4 controls! (Mice are WIP, they are bindable but response is limited)
  • Connect directly to your PS4's WiFi! This has previously only be possible on the PS Vita. 
  • Wakeup PS4 over LAN/WAN (Requires forwarded ports)
  • Direct IP connect from anywhere! 
  • Lower latency compared to Android & PS Vita (may vary depending on PC specs) 

Recommended Minimum Requirements

  • Windows PC running Vista or newer
  • Dual core 2Ghz CPU
  • DirectX 9 and OpenGL compatible graphics card


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TMACDEV is the source for Remote Play Software, here you can download and discuss software to control your PlayStation 4 from anywhere with a PC.

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