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  3. Mouse issue.

    I've tried multiple times and I'm unable to reproduce this issue, disabling or otherwise disconnecting a secondary screen doesn't cause an issue with input capture for me. I can only assume there is something else specific to your PC affecting REM4P. Could you save and upload a dxdiag report for me? A tutorial can be found here
  4. Requirements Question

    Thank you!
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  6. Requirements Question

    Processor should be fine, and yes, you're not watching video sent back over the network so viewing the TV directly you'd only encounter the input delay from REM4P/remote play processing and sending input via the network.
  7. Requirements Question

    Hello, im really really interested in getting the rem4p software. I was wondering, i wanna make sure, i have this processor Should i be fine on my pc, my computer is hooked up to my router, another question this one might be a really dumb question but, if i got everything ready on my pc such as getting remote play and getting the rem4p all setup, would i see less imput lag on my tv, rather than playing off the remote play screen. So basically im asking will i see less overall "lag" if i hook it up on my pc but use my tv as my main "look at" Thanks for the help in advanced sorry if i asked some dumb questions!
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  9. Need remote play

    The legacy remote play app isn't on sale, you'll need to wait for REPL4Y to release.
  10. Need remote play

    You have to pay to download it e_e
  11. Need remote play

    I need the remote play but I can not download it
  12. Having issues purchasing.

    That error normally suggests that PayPal have stopped your transaction for security reasons, I suggest you contact them to confirm why.
  13. Having issues purchasing.

    Im not sure if its you guys or pay pal but when i hit proceed to checkout for paypal on either link this message pops up. "We aren't able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please go back to merchant and try using a different payment method."
  14. Having issues purchasing.

    The website host appeared to be having some connectivity issues the past hour, it seems to be resolved now. Could you try again and if you still encounter an issue please post the exact error and where it occurs.
  15. Having issues purchasing.

    Hi there I am trying to purchase rem4p and the only option available is paypal. But it's not allowing me to make a payment. I was wondering if there was a known issue going on preventing me from purchasing.
  16. Cant download REM4P

    Sorry about this, there was an API change that occurred on the file host that subsequently broke the downloads, this should be fixed now.
  17. Cant download REM4P

    I purchased REM4P but when i go to downloads i either get "request has timed out" or "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below" then it shows a bunch of random stuff. What do i need to do?
  18. Login issues

    Your time must still be incorrect, make sure your time zone is set correctly. Try saving the following .bat file and run as admin
  19. Login issues

    I have tried the steps above and have made sure my time is accurate. But it is still not working and I am receiving the same error upon login attempt.
  20. Login issues

    There is a pinned thread -
  21. Login issues

    Hello, I literally just purchased this and can not use it because it gives me a "Login request error" everytime. I am using the "user name" which is the same one for this forum as well as tried changing the password multiple times. Please advice..
  22. PS4 Remote Play for Android

    Brilliant, thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out there.
  23. PS4 Remote Play for Android

    Any request for testers will posted in the announcement section.
  24. PS4 Remote Play for Android

    Do you need anyone to assist with the beta testing?
  25. Login Request Error

    If you encounter the "Login request error" when attempting to login to REM4P this is due to an incorrect PC time. To force windows to re-sync your time perform the following steps 1. Right click the Time/Date section at the bottom right of your screen and select 'Adjust Date/Time' 2. If enabled, disable the 'Set time automatically' switch. 3. Re-enable the 'Set time automatically' switch. 4. Check your time is now accurate and login to REM4P.
  26. Login issue in my pc

    You'll need to be more specific, what error are you getting?
  27. Login issue in my pc

    hello i am facing login issue in my pc after install this software rem4p what should i now
  28. Mouse issue.

    Ok, I'll see if I can reproduce it. Just to clarify, when you attach the second monitor is it set to become your primary screen or kept as secondary? Regarding the mic that's more to do with remote play than REM4P so better to ask on Sony forums. All I can say is as you're remote playing via PC it requires you have a microphone connected to your PC for voice chat, either a compatible one through the Dualshock or a PC one. In either case make sure the microphone icon on the remote play app isn't crossed out and you have the right microphone set as default under windows recording settings.
  29. Mouse issue.

    Ye its confirmed thats the issue. Also im having another issue rn i cant talk to my mates on ps4 party chat, it has a red circle with a explanation mark, as if its not being recognised since the controller isnt actually connected to the ps4.
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