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Acer W700 throttle limit removal


working out the kinks at the moment –


I’ve managed to get a working grub shell on the W700 with the setup_var command (this was a feat it itself as grub doesn’t like HD4000’s, download in instructions.) so I’ve updated the instructions below, I haven’t managed to fully remove the throttling yet so I encourage people to download the list of ID’s and mess around with the settings.


Successful managed to change turbo watts, updated commands soon…


Hit another road block, it seems that although I can change the max turbo watts and the turbo time from 28 seconds up to the maximum of 128 seconds (the Intel tool shows this) the 10 watt limit still kicks in after ~30 seconds.

[Update5 12/11/13]

For those following this post I’m waiting on my tablet returning from a repair before I can continue investigating the cause of the throttle. Don’t have an official date but should hopefully be within a week or 2.


Before you we go any further I am not responsible for any damages this may cause, proceed at your own risk.


If something does go wrong and you screw up your bios chances are you should be able to recover it with the following process. Before going through with a full bios flash, if you can still access the normal bios (shutdown then Windows button + power) I’d advise trying the ‘reset defaults’ option.

  1. Format a usb stick to fat32
  2. Download the 2.07 firmware HERE
  3. Copy it to the root of the newly formatted USB stick
  4. Fully power off and unplug your W700
  5. attach the USB stick then hold down the Windows button + volume up + Power
  6. As soon as you see the screen turn on release all of the buttons, you should now be left with just a blank screen
  7. Your device should now be reading the usb stick and flashing the bios, leave it for a good 10 minutes.
  8. Power off your device, if the power button doesn’t work get a pin and use the reset button found on the bottom of the device.
  9. Power back on.

Removing the throttle

1. Take USB stick and format to FAT32
2. Download the archive here – DOWNLOAD
3. Extract to the root of the USB stick
4. Restart and enter BIOS setup.
5. Make sure you have following values:
UEFI mode (NOT legacy mode)
Secure Boot: Disable (you’ll need to have a bios superuser/admin password set up first)
USB stick as the first boot device
6. reboot and you should be presented with the grub shell, once here enter the setup_var commands with the format ‘setup_var [VarStore] [Value]’
7. Reboot and check for throttle. If you managed to remove the throttling leave a comment below with the commands used.

Some more info…

So for those with a bit more technical knowledge who want to know more, here’s an brief explanation of what we’re trying to do here.

So when we boot off of the usb stick using BOOTX64.efi we’re actually botting into the EFI shell, from here we’re adjusting settings stored by the bios. Whenever you change a setting in the bios normally that configuration will get stored against an ID, for a full list of ID’s pulled from the W700 bios I’ve uploaded them HERE (if there’s a lot of random symbols make sure you’re viewing it in UTF-8). Using These ID’s we can adjust any stored setting using the following command format

setup_var [VarStore] [Value]

For example if we look at the ‘ISCT Configuration’ section we can see it has a VarStore value of ‘0x32e’ with an option of 2 values ‘1’ or ‘0’. The values always need to be entered in hex so to enable this setting we would use

setup_var 0x32e 0x1

and the following to disable

setup_var 0x32e 0x0