Monthly Archives: November 2012

No more log in!

So after much debugging I’ve decided to remove the log in feature from RPF Tool. This is mainly due to the amount of people having issues logging in but also the the amount of maintenance this project requires which I just don’t have time for at the moment.

The latest version can be downloaded from the ‘RPF Tool Download’ tab at the top of the page.

Please be aware that you will still need an internet connection in order to open files as the application needs decryption keys from the server.

I’ll be working on making the update process a bit more user friendly now the log in screen has gone in the following weeks and maybe improve the decompression algo.


Log in issues *updated*

I’ve put a new release in the dropbox folder so anyone who had problems logging in should try again. I’d also like to use this post to remind people that you cannot log in from a different computer to the one you registered with. Changing any hardware will modify your UID and therefore stop you from logging in.

If your UID has changed drop me an email (use the email icon on the left side of the page) with your new one and I’ll update it for you.



RPF Tool login issues & Windows 8

For anyone who’s had problems logging in recently I’m working on resolving the issue, it seems to be a combination of connection issues between my server and certain countries and the lack of support for windows 8.


Dropbox links fixed

The Dropbox folder link on the signup page should now be fixed so for anyone who had problems signing up should try it again.