Monthly Archives: September 2012

RPF Tool Signup form

I finally got round to creating a signup form for RPF Tool which is now accessible using the link in the tabs above or by going  REMOVED – RPFTool no longer requires an log in.
If anyone has any issues just leave a message below and I’ll look in to it.


Resource Extractor

I’ve just released a new update for RPF Tool, most of the changes were behind the scenes and wont be visible in the front end but anyone who’s had trouble logging previously should give it another go with the latest update (You’ll probably need to grab it from the dropbox folder as you  wont be able to update through the program if you couldn’t log in.)

Another change a few people will be glad to hear is that I’ve added a resource extractor!

This is a work-in-progress and should be considered unstable at best so don’t be surprised if you use it and find it force closes RPF Tool. Its currently available under the ‘Tool’ section and is quite self explanatory – select a resource file, click unpack and save.

I haven’t yet incorporated this into ‘extract all’ due to the current instability but once that’s  sorted I’ll add an option to decompress on extraction to save having to do this for each file.