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RPF Tool Beta

These instructions are now obsolete! Go HERE instead.


So I”ve decided to release a stripped down read only version  of RPF Tool, this version only includes extraction and text viewing, there is currently no texture, model etc… support although this may added in a later version.

If you want in, just follow these instructions:

1. leave a message below saying you’re interested (you’ll need to have an account before you can post).

2. Wait for an invite to the dropbox folder – this will be sent to the email address which you used to sign up here. You can use this link if you don’t have an account yet

3. Once you have access run the program then click the UID button located at the bottom left of the login form

4. send the serial that is shown here to ‘twisted89 at’ along with an MD5 checksum of your preferred password (I’m too lazy to write a sign up form 🙂 ). I’ll then reply with your login details.

5. Login using your email and password!

Also, if you copy RPF Tool to somewhere on your local drive copy everything in the folder not just the .exe otherwise it wont work!


Update & XSC Decompiler



As you can see its still very low level but it does now support editing.
Before anyone starts asking this will not be available publicly so as not to totally destroy RDR due to cheaters (although there is already quite a few).

Going back to RPF Tool, for those of you that get in to the READ-ONY beta, the application will be locked to a single computer. This is solely for security and to stop cetain people (mcribsback) from stealing my work and attempting to claim it as their own. Unless you planned on running the app on several computers this shouldn’t be a problem for most.

That’s all for now.