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RPF Tool – UI

A quick progress update – The latest change I’ve made to RPF Tool has been the UI, in order to enable easy and quick editing of text files the contents now appears in the window on the right.

As full archive rebuilding is not yet supported its important to know if the new file will fit within the size constraints after compression, allowing direct editing of the files means we can also quickly see if the file is too big without having to import/export several times.



The tree view is also now hidden by default, it seemed like a dated way of navigating the archives so folders and files now appear in the main view and the treeview is optional by ticking the check box in the top right.

That’s all for the moment, more soon!

RPF Tool


The following is the first public video of a tool I’ve been working on to open RPF files and view/edit the contents.
It currently supports Max payne 3 on PC and XBOX, Red Dead Redemption on XBOX and Midnight Club on XBOX.

Obviously its in a very early stage but I’m open to any suggestions for improvements so let me know what you think in the comments section :).
And for anyone wondering why a lot of the filenames are missing for RDR and MC this is due to names being stored as hashes instead of strings as in GTA IV Archives, this means its a lot harder to work out the original filename hence why a lot are just displaying an 8 character hash.

RDR SCO Editor

Right, first post on a brand new blog, seems like a good place to post the first screenshot of the Red Dead Redemption XSC (new SCO) script reader I’ve been working on.

Thanks to some very useful documentation from Listener most of the opcodes are fully working with just native name resolving being the last main missing feature.
With that sorted I’ll start turning it from a XSC reader in to an editor so keep an eye out for more updates soon.